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History of 2009 in review History of 2010 in review 

History of 2011 in review

No matter what you the viewer of this site personally feel toward the legitimacy.  I want to clearly state that every statement and presentation are one hundred percent totally accurate and repeatable.  A few years ago there was more free information.  However there are many powers in this world that do not want to see this go viral without control. I am not going to give names and locations of the people that do not want my discovery to effect the worlds economy.  Some call it selling out but the reality is I will support everyone who has a license for the current science. I fully understand the problems that will be generated if their was a gold production in every neighborhood. Every adult should earn their own money.  I know that better than most for I have spent every day on this project since 1987.  The world powers have a valid point if this was given to the world it would affect everyone from the richest to the lower income.  I have had leaders of powerful countries present their concerns in reference to my science. In the beginning people doubted that it would ever be commercial viable.  Today the reality is it has reached the potential of industrial reality.  The powers to be of our world have notified be that this is much greater than a science.  If their is anything on this site you would like to save for historic purposes please do so rapidly for it will only be a few days and everything will disappear.

Thank you for viewing a small portion of my research in this a very interesting field of endeavor.

Dr. Joe Champion

February 26, 2011

This is either the last picture of today or the last picture of this site.

A brief explanation and 100% proof that my technology  is absolute.  Allow me to give the background. This is simple science and even the neophytes can understand. I had my Colorado 303 group take one of the bars below and place it in a crucible and heat it at 963C which is the melting point for silver.  All things equal what has happened to the bar is the silver has been removed from the bar leaving the bar only platinum and gold.  The copper was removed a long time ago in the primary steps  which have never been disseminated to outsiders.  It is a closer held secret than the formula for Coca Cola.

I want to thank everyone who has taken the time to review my research. My last question. Where did all the copper go?

Dr. Joe Champion

A beautiful picture of two one pound 9999 copper bars created by a 303 member in Colorado.  It only took 72 hours for the below transformation.

February 25, 2011

This was the last picture of today from a new member who is finished stage one after 48 hours.  In the future he is going to be one of our monatomic gold producers.  Right now he is just making money off his one pound copper bars.

Today is a fact full day. The picture below is a cuppel of the total brown powder shown on February 23,2011 below.  It consist of gold and platinum. The trace amount of copper went into the cuppel and all that is visible is precious metals.

Two months late.  I promised the USA a Christmas present and they are arriving tomorrow to pick it up.  Yesterday was a brain teaser for me because I wanted to show the world that it was true reality.  Material was so hot last night that it took to long to cool so I decided to wait until this morning so I could safely handle it.  I am not a betting man but the two pictures below may be the last pictures that will be presented on my site for an undetermined time period. Both pictures are gold and platinum with less than 10% silver.  The picture on the right is   a x10 magnification of the left. To put this in prospective you are seeing 3.5 ounces of gold and platinum or

February 24, 2011

Well I hope this would of happened earlier today.  But what you are looking at is the first recovered precious metals recovered in standard fire assay of the powder shown two days ago.  There will probably only be one more picture that will either occur tonight or earl tomorrow. For those desiring to get into the famous 303 group must do so immediately. I was informed today that I will be receiving visitor from the USA government this weekend.  I can not disclose the reason for the meeting or the people involved other than myself and other LENC employees.  I just looked at the next bead and it is pretty big and precious metals. I am going to let it cool and then place it on my site.  For those who join the 303 group prior tp the government involvement will be able to operate their gold license in perpetuity. With the fact that we are reaching over 90% precious metals from copper with the majority of the precious metals being gold and platinum.  We are producing over $9,000 per one pound bar of copper.  It is amazing

Dr. Champion

February 23, 2011New news has arrived.  When reviewing the blogs of the last two years you will see what appears to be confusing information.  It is important to note that this is a continuing work in progress.  I posted today to let  everyone know  that thing continue to change.  We are now reaching 96+% conversion of copper to precious metals there are several people confused.  Tomorrow I will be making a big presentation.  The picture on the right will be the main discussion tomorrow.

February 21, 2011

Late last night I was advised by one of my most advanced 303 group member that we may be breaking another new record. Please allow a moment for me to explain this statement.  This is a new and very exact science.  The only thing that improves is the application engineering principles. I was notified last night that we will soon be translating 60% of all copper into solid gold.  For people who have already purchased the new beginners license this update is included.  This is like all 303 updates.  Once an  engineering update is observed it is replicated by my personal team and then it is released to all of the members.  If this change holds steady this would equate to over 8 ounces of gold for every pound if copper.  I will keep the beginners license at a low rate for those who have already joined  but expect it to rise sharply soon.  This engineering change will allow for people in the beginning program to produce up to 80 ounces of gold from 10 pounds of copper.

February 20, 2011

If you are interested in what has happened the last three months of this year please visit history of 2011 at the top of this page.

LEMC is reaching another pinnacle

The above pictures are interesting and represent over 40 ounces of new metal.

The buss bar on the left is destined for review by an independent party in the USA after this holiday weekend.  I know there are many who want to enter the LENC beginning program and I want to identify the positives and  negatives of this program.  The program allows you to be a master of this technology allows you to convert copper into Ag, Au and Pt.  It does this under low energy change developed over many years.  The two bells you see on the left hand side of the above picture was made from copper electrical buss bars that were treated in the LENC process.  The amount of conversion of buss bars is determined by the resonant time in the first phase reactor.  If you are careful and take your t follow the rules you will get up to 94% conversion of the copper into precious metals.  LENC has many operators of this technology and protects the indivual operators from being announced publicly to protect them and their family.  Now LENC is a LLC amd displays the technology publicly.  The assay reports found throughout this site are real.  Is it OK to sell the metals produced in this reaction? The answer is absolutely yes! This is the reason I have shared various reports publically because they are more important than refinery receipts and the reason is obvious for I wanted to share that the nucleus and the electron shell is 100% compatible to the silver, gold, platinum and palladium recovered from our earths crust.

Most people say impossible and if this could be accomplished people would of done this long ago.  This was not accomplished by simple mixing and stirring of chemicals under experimental means. To make the above process took years of high mathematics and reference data that has only been available during the last two decades.  This process produces gold and platinum the same way that it was done by our planet.  But since we now fully understand the process we can be exact and accurate on the conversion of lower base metals into gold.  This is an accelerated natural process.

LENC provides you with the way for producing grams, ounces or kilograms of precious metals.  LENC does not educate you on the separation and refining of the metals for this is common knowledge to the metallurgical industry.

As the precious metal refining industry becomes more involved then people who have the LENC license will have unlimited sources to sell their production.  LENC is a start of a new frontier.

Mother Nature gold has been here for centuries and LENC gold has only been here for two decades.  I wanted to make sure that I had a totally repeatable process prior to offering it to the world.

A close-up of the cones shown above.

Breaking News As promised here is the audio file of Alex Putney’s comments on Red Ice Radio the other day. This is a previous discussion about me on Red Ice Radio my interview will occur later this week. This discussion was edited and prepared by one of my associates.  http://zackcovell.com/audio/Dr_Champion_Red_Ice_Short.mp3

Everyone likes something new. Please allow me to introduce Mr. Ted Rey the ultimate technical support specialist for LENC. If you enter into the beginner program Mr. Rey will be your support specialist.  If you want to reach him you can either use his email: Ted Rey [tedrey303grp@gmail.com] or his phone 619-534- 8480. If you use the telephone please leave a message for the phone automatically notifies Mr. Rey by email immediately.

No acid required.  The picture is unique for what you are observing is a change of copper to something different.I will have a detail report later today.  Mr. Rey is launching the new training program to be for approval today.   LENC is becoming high tech.

February 18, 2011

This is a milestone for two reasons. Two years ago today I was on a life flight helicopter for a 400 mile flight  to a neurological hospital Maury Utah. The only thing I remember of that day is talking to the 911 operator and she said the police were on my back patio and after that I was told I was placed in a drug induced coma. I spent most of 2009 trying to recover in therapy. The world almost lost the knowledge of my research.  Today I only have two remaining problems in my brain; Balance and vision. My vision is not a problem in my eyes but in my occipital nerves in the back of my brain where my attempted killer did major damage.

I write every note personally that has gone on this site and I have been told by many that I should have someone else do my typing but it may be hard for you the reader to understand but for over twenty years I presented everything personally and I am not going to change today.

Speaking of today we have many things happening.  Please allow me to list them below.

  • Translated bars were shipped from my facility to three 303 laboratories. We will have reports from two of these facilities today.
  • Mr. Ted Rey has resumed technical responsibility of all new members of the 303 group.
  • Mr. Ratterfy should launch is first atomic gold AKA monatomic gold which is a misnomer I hope he is successful in lunching today and I will report as information is received, positive or negative.

February 17, 2011

New developments happening every day.  For those of you starting the beginner license on the 303 group will  be supported by Mr. Ted Rey the official technology support for LENC.  For those joining the advanced license will receive support from me and my office.  Many things are happening through the next days.

The first production of monatomic gold which is is diatomic gold. will be in operation in Colorado within the next 48 hours.  Te production of this gold is being produced under a special license by Jim Ratterfy. License for this product is limited.  LENC will be selling this material next week under special agreement.  The product is limited for approved medical research groups.  This product will not be sold to the public for consumption in any form. This is a high grade concentration of atomic gold in saline water.  There are many groups who say they have this but I have warned the white gold groups for years to be cautious of consumption. What we are producing is  true diatomic gold.  This is one of the many new products that will be offered from LENC.

Following are today’s pictures from LENC.  To look at previous days click on 2011 above.

To understand what you are looking at, the white/silver metal is silver produced from copper.

Let ,e  give you a basic understanding the technology on the right picture.  This is a picture of the bar collapsing on itself. The starting weight stays the same through the process but the density increases to make this happen the new precious metal atoms have a higher mass and actually shrink the bar.

February 16, 2011

An exciting observation from the laboratory.  Below is a 520 gram copper buss bar after 24 hours of treatment in our continuation to shorten the time for translation of copper to Ag, Au and Pt.  This use to take fourteen days and now we are down one day.  No chemicals used in any of our production processes. The following picture is interesting for it represents the inside of the entire bar.  It is an impressing day!  Tomorrow I will have more advanced pictures.

I try to put interesting pictures of  precious metals.  In this case we have gold produced throughout a copper buss bar! This sample is a great presentation.  The entire buss bar weighs 534 grams and the gold is homogenize throughout the bar!

February 15, 2011

There have been rumors that I am opening up a section of the LENC 303  license program but potential candidates have to be qualified before acceptance. For those interested please allow me to take a minute and explain. The LENC license gives you instructions on how to produce the material shown above.  LENC is not a school and does not teach chemistry on how to test and separate the material into its separate parts. In my 303 group I have only four people of which three are college educated and all four are chemically advanced and we act as a team. The problem is with this metal is it has gold, platinum, silver. and the other platinum group metals. The value of the above bar starts from 100% copper and reaches values of $10,000 per pound.  Because of the complex metals you cannot just take the above and just run down to your metal buyer and exchange the metal for cash. At this time I am working with a metal refiner in Miami Florida who can take the above material and separate it into all of the metals of economic value.

The LENC license is a technology license that allows you a step by step procedure to create one pound or a hundred pounds of the above material in six days. This is not a program that guarantees you a fast return unless you have an existing metallurgical infrastructure.  No chemicals are used in the above process, hence no EPA concerns.

For those interested in this program please send me an email and we will follow it with a telephone interview. This program will be discontinuing soon and was brought back because of international interest and present notoriety. If you are selected for this license you will be eligible for other upcoming LEMC licenses s. Coming soon we will have Rare Earth, Lithium and other exotic industrial metals.

Dr. Champion

February 14, 2011

Just received an email from Red Ice Radio and they needed time to configure the interview because of the complexities of this subject mater.  This is not a simple topic for them and I am allowing them the opportunity to become familiar with my work. Depending on my availability this program should be recorded later this week. At this time equipment has been ordered placing the first monatomic gold plant in operation this month. This plant is located in the USA. As promised here is the audio file of Alex Putney’s comments on Red Ice Radio the other day http://zackcovell.com/audio/Dr_Champion_Red_Ice_Short.mp3

Today is my first radio interview since LENC has advanced to commercial levels.  The picture below consists of copper processed through our advanced process.  These materials will be discussed on today’s radio program. The following materials have beene shipped to current advanced 303 members for careful analyses. What you are observing is ~52 ounces of transmuted copper into various forms of new precious metals.  It will take my 303 members who received this material several days to analyze this product and I will report their findings here when reported. If everything goes as scheduled I will be on Red Ice Radio in a few hours, You can retrieve my interview at http://www.redicecreations.com/ after it airs.

February 11, 2011

Many people say that it is impossible to make gold and platinum from base metals.  I was not the primary discover of this but I am the last living researcher who had a chance to physically meet the primary players before they passed away. Most of the initial players were quite intelligent.  But the level of nuclear science was limited during their reign. I studied the original observations and it took me 24 years to put it into a complex understanding. What the original players were doing took large amounts of equipment and time to produce a few ounces of material.  With the advancement of NIST and scientific standards I was able to take what the original people presented and accelerate it with modern math formulas and technology.  The original discovery was important for it validated than precious metals could be produced in a laboratory starting from base metals without the need of a high energy nuclear reactor.

I have attached the following link from the original papers which include the University of Washington http://drjoechampion.com/History/x-files/history1.htm

These are original papers dating back to 1965 from the University.  What is of major importance to the scientific community is these papers that technology for commercial production of gold and platinum group metals existed 40 years ago.

Twentieth Century alchemy was my first publication published in 1993 covers my original observation and has detailed steps of how this science started.  It is primarily historic and cover my time from 1987 thru 1991. It does not cover any of today’s advanced technologies.  It is a 100 page book only available in paper back only through PayPal.  The price is $80.00 and includes shipping.

LENC will officially introduce to the world on Monday February 14, 2011 on Red Ice radio. It has taken 24 years but LENC has the ultimate technology that allows for ultimate formation of precious metals from base metals on demand.  When the conversion of base metals to precious metals occurs the metals are true metals with complete nucleus and electron shells and or not allotropic replication.

LENC has accomplished what most determine to be impossible in a quiescence replication using modern technology wherein precious metals are produced on demand.  Following the Radio Broadcast LENC will be announcing a starter license for beginners and a professional license for those desiring to enter the world of commercial production of precious metals.

Dr. Champion

February 7,2011Picture of today. 

It is never boring here. A member of my team in LA USA just sent in this picture of Au he created from Cu in 48 hours.

February 6. 2011

It is time for me to share some science. LENC has reached a new plateau with greater than 95% conversion of Cu to Ag, Pd, Au & Pt. Let me take a minute and explain to the general reader and my research colleagues. We start with a block of silver through our new and accelerated front end process and the simple process happens below.

2Cu = Ag

4Cu = Au

Now it is much more complex and I am not trying to verify to the world the complex math.

There are several translations that happen in the virtual state until every thing reaches stably.

The pictures below are the same metal as shown yesterday with an additional 16 hours of Phase 1 reaction. The entire bars will reduce to the powder which is 100% precious metals.

Allow me to walk you through the theory of our first stage intellectual property. We start with a bar of copper and a virtual Ag is placed around a diatomic atom. This forms a virtual Ag atom.  This silver remains in its virtual state until it is relaxed from the bonding.  When released it forms a mew diatomic Ag.  and the process repeats to form the Au & Pt.  The  translation is happening throughout the bar.  There is a special process that LENC has that allows the Ag and Au to return to its stable state within hours.  LENC now can produce a total translation to precious metals.  As the new virtual metal forms on the surface it simply flakes off and a continues forming until the entire bar is consumed by new precious metals.  A common question is people say that this is different than metals from the ground but the reality is all the metals produced by this LeNC process ha an identical nucleus and electron shell.  When you sell LENC metals there is no difference.  The cost of LENC precious metals is less than $1.00 per ounce for all precious metals.

Dr. Champion

February 5, 2011

What use to take me 10 days is now happening in less than 24 hours!  Yesterday I received two stamped pieces of copper at 1:35pm and within 30 minutes had it in our new accelerated reactor.  Pictured below is pictures of the copper buss bars when received.  After 16 hours please take a look at the changes in our new accelerated reactor.  The person sending the copper is a member of my 303 group and because of the obvious amount of silver and gold produced from the copper his name is being protected.  The reason he sent me marked copper was he was to compare my production with his. Monday I will return the bars to him so he can process the new metals I made for him!

Dr. Champion

To the left is the original copper.  Below left is the bars after 16 hours and the powder on top of the picture is silver and gold that flaked off during the annealing.  This is a common occurrence from this reaction.  The picture directly below is just a close of the newly formed precious metals.

i took a quick picture of the above through x10 microscope.

February 3, 2011 LENC is taking an important stand.

The day is here! LENC has officially entered the precious metal industry. Licenses are no longer available. As any corporate structure production levels will no longer be made public.  Due to public interest in my advancements I hope that the new LENC management will allow me to drop a note into this site every now and then.  It is a new life for me.  I am not leaving the science of LENC but my services are no longer required in the bulk precious metal field. LENC has engineers and technicians that will carry forward with production and management will handle sales. You will see me working on two immediate new projects.

  • Monatomic gold – this has already been accomplished but I want to supply commercial quantities.  For those interested I am not trying to find a use or approval I plan on producing what the industry needs.  In this area I am speaking in ounces of pure white gold a day.  This will be available to the public and industries by March 15, 2011.
  • Research is already in motion and I want to be able to produce the most important rare earth elements for the DOE and authorized industries.

The following picture is an inside view of the material inside the five bars below.  LENC will sell the bars we now have in stock for $2,500 each. I checked prior to this posting and we have 21 bars left.  Material like this will never be available to the public again.  Each bar weight exceeds 450 grams and has been laboratory tested to be contain higher than 10 karat gold.  Email for instructions to ordering a bar.

This is final and most important pictures of the material in the copper buss bars on this page.  The translation of these bars was greater than anyone had dreamed of.  Following is

February 2, 2011 This is what I woke up to this morning.  ~2.5 Kilograms of transmuted copper into Ag, Pd, Au and Pt. This all started with electrical copper buss bars.

For the first time ever

February 1, 2011First time offer to be involved.  It is OK to be skeptical but for those who need to see proof of this technology prior to making a significant investment as stated below. LENC makes two offers.  You can purchase a    ~500 gram piece of copper that has been transformed into precious metals for $2,500.00 now in inventory.  Or for the true skeptics send us a two pound piece of copper with the maximum size of 1x2x6 inches and we will convert it into metals similar to what is shown below. Include $10,000 for processing If you select to send us your metals to put through our process please email us and we will give you instructions on shipping.  All products shipped will be held here for three working days and returned by the same method received. We suggest you but identifying marks because when the bar is returned it will be physically similar to the what you ship.

If you elect to purchase the copper we have in stock. You will receive a certificate that it was certified 993 copper and was originally sold as industrial  electrical buss bar. You will receive history of the bar after our treatment and will have Ag, Pd, Au and Pt throughout the bar.  This is not a skin effect technology it is a total conversion throughout the material.

Email or call for specific instructions.

This offer only good in the USA!

January 31, 2011 – Finally 100% Proof that the USA will become the precious metal leading producer.

The following started with a 500 gram piece of copper.  It was treated in our LENC reactor for 48 hours and the results are amazing. In only two days we have over 96% translation of the copper into Ag, Pd. Au and Pt.  The pictures show the new metal formation with details lower. This places LENC at the top of all new metal production in the USA!

Following is magnified pictures of the ROI. There is no doubt now that LENC will make the USA the leading producer of all precious metals. If you want to join LENC in the USA please read below.

Low Energy Nuclear Change LLC makes a formal statement.

Effective this date LENC will allow people in the USA into the reality of producing, owning and selling silver, gold, platinum and other precious metals produced by LENC technology. There are several programs available at this time.  This is legal precious metals produced from intellectually owned property of LENC. Precious metals produced from this program are subjected to standard Federal and State taxes. For organizations interested in becoming involved please contact me and I will refer you to our legal counsel.  This is not for the individual investor.  Programs start at 50,000 to 1,000,000 ounces of precious metals  per month. Major refining capabilities are presently available at multiple locations in the USA. This is no longer research and we can customize any program to fit the need of any organization or investor.  There is no longer questions about the precious metals produced by LENC for they meet the same metallurgical standards that are used by mining, jewelry, metal holder or recycling company. The important facture is whomever produces these LENC metals no matter how inexpensive the process they are subject to the legal taxes of the USA and their local state.


Dr. Joe Champion

January 29, 2011

Important announcement to those following my developments.  What use to takes weeks now happens in less than 48 hours. The picture immediately below started out as a 993 copper electrical buss bar!  After 24 hours we have the following transformation.

The above bar was placed in a simple elecric Kiln for the second 24 hours AT 1000C and the results are as follows.  Prior to looking at the picture allow me to bring you up to date and silver melts a 963 C and copper melts a 1084C  The bar melted above silver and way below copper.  Temperatures were maintained a one degree Cellulous accuracy.

I took the magnified  pictures and the surface of the entire bar above  is identical on all sides.

Making gold is easy!

It was only five months ago that Jim Rex using   LENC technology produced the first 24 karat gold from copper in his Eugene Oregon laboratory.

For more information please visit  (9/14/2010) in the 2010 blog at the top of this page.

The picture to the right is the first 24k gold obtained from my copper to gold process 

It is laboratory made gold   .

Today we have the technology to produce 1,000’s of ounces a week of gold, silver and platinum.  All of the production to date is from back yard chemistry.  We have a 303’r in Utah who produces 1,400 ounces per batch of precious metals which comes from 100 pounds of copper.

I have been very transparent and have offered this as a benefit to  the United States Government for my countries economic needs. I have contacted numerous times top officials in the Department of Energy  but to date there has been zero interest from my government.  This allows for our government to be the largest worldwide producer of silver, gold and platinum. As I have mentioned many times before this technology allows for the productions of Rare Earth elements which are need by industries in the USA.

LENC has the roadmap for a new industrial change.  All that is needed at this time is for people to follow the golden trail.

Dr. Joe Champion

The following report is one of many this report spurred a lot of movement around the world

View the original Au Pt & Ag assay This is the assay of the following drill holes from the bell.

This is everyday life in this science.  It takes 8 days to process 100 pounds of copper at a total cost of $500.00 and it produces over $150,000.00 not  bad return!  Data taken from the report link above.

100 pounds starting copper 1456.592 OC
Ag weight and price 1325.498 OC $    37,113.95
Au weight and value 43.69775 $    52,437.30
Pt weight & value 43.69775 OC $    61,176.85
Total $  150,728.10

1/19/2011 Transmitted to Johnson Matthey today.

Attention JM

I will be brief today we have 1,000 ounces of precious metals (Ag, Au, Pt & Pd) per week available in the US and a plant starting in Canada. Our material has been certified by independent laboratories. We can scale our production of precious metals to meet your refining capacity up to one million ounces per month. Other PGM including Rh, RU.  Ir,& Os available on request.

Question of the day for visitors of this site is the platinum cartel real?

A lot of people visit this site.  I have been told since the beginning of m y research in this area that there was a platinum cartel. This is not a mere question but a reality.   The technology is here and has preformed satisfactory with 100%repeatability and can produce several tons of platinum per month or year and is only dependent on the size of the facility.  The USA needs platinum and palladium for the auto industry and new energy sources and LENC technology can produce it faster and on demand faster than it is being mined from the ground.

Following is a brief History

I was not the first one to make gold.  Mother Nature was the first. However I was the first one that unraveled her formula so I can go straight into production of any element the Creator made! I started with the most obvious ones that man wanted such as silver and gold. I took baby steps and now I can produce all of the precious and platinum group metals When the USA requires it I will produce the Rare Earth metals.  This is no longer preformed in laboratory test tubes. it is full scale production of grams. Kilograms or tons; depending on what is required.

I have been very transparent and have alerted the United States government and they have not moved forward. Since they have failed to move forward I am taking the most obvious step.  I am now starting to sell these metals into the financial stream.

In 1991 this science was in its infancy and I called the CIA from TANU and left a message in their Houston Texas office that this was soon to be a reality.  At that time I was only able to generate micrograms of select precious metals.  That same year I was flown to Washington DC and met with the bureau of mines in  the South Africa Embassy. I told him then this would be a reality some day.  The reality is now.

The USA can now produce more platinum than the rest of the world with low energy nuclear change. The starting matrix is select base metals. This replicates Mother Nature process on the mantles of our planet. Meteorite and extremely high energies are not required for the formation of the metals near our surface. The entire quiescence process is a marvel to observe.

I posted just before Christmas three weeks ago that a new single technology could resolve many problems included the National Debt.  What better way to pay off our national debt than with tons of gold and platinum?

January 18, 2011

The final step going to market

During the past weeks we sent out samples to various metal laboratories in the USA.  The results came back with +90% of precious metals.  All of the laboratories returned similar results which are listed below.

1.       High grade silver +90%

2.       Gold at 3%

3.       Platinum at 3%

4.       Copper and Nickel less than 4% total

We are now finished with external assayers for LENC has a good stable product.  For the first time ever LENC is going straight to the market.  Testing was thorough and now LENC precious metals is officially being turned from metals into cash.  This is the ultimate finally.  The refiners receiving LENC metals will pay standard market price minus standard discounts for refining.  LENC is now being treated as anyone else.  This opens a new era.  Prior to this discovery refineries took precious metals in from recycling and mines.  Now they have a third option, LENC precious metals. LENC metals is at two refineries today!

Below is 27 ounces of LENC metals and the technology allows for up to one million ounces of precious metal production per day.

The advantage of LENC metals is the cost of production is less than five dollars per ounce of each precious metal.  It does not matter whether it is Ag, Au, Pt or Pd translation cost is the same.

January 14, 2011

Short announcement – LENC direction and transparency

Effective as of today there are major corporate change inside Low Energy Nuclear Change LLC, AKA LENC

For those new to LENC please allow an overview. This technology started as a dream wherein precious metals would be transformed into precious metals on a demand basis.  The history of this development is not of importance.  For those following the history on this site you learn that I have offered this to the USA prior to Xmas 2010.  The best scientist in the world were quick to discount this as a reality. However LENC is not a theory it has placing a reality within the United States of America.

The original business strategy of LENC was to license companies to build production facilities for LENC.  This has changed with the latest technology advancements.  LENC is holding this technology tightly as Intellectual Property. The mew company structure will surprise the world.

I have carefully selected my staff.  Due to privacy required in this crazy world I am not going to release my high level management names.  However I am going to put David Schutz on Jump Street with me for he will be a public focal point.

LENC has starting production facilities California and Louisiana. A large facility and corporate offices are under construction in Saint George, Utah. We are not talking small facilities we are talking mega ounces of production.

LENC production will be based on the two largest refiners capacity of precious metals in the United States. The refiners have a history with me date back to 1992.  Mr. Schutzman will negotiate with Johnson Matthey and Engelhard to determine what their maximum refining capability of precious metals are in the United States.  LENC will produce sufficient amounts of precious metals to meet the need of these American facilities.

LENC now has total control of producing all of the silver, gold,  platinum, and the associated platinum group metals. Research is complete and construction lines will be in place for the LENC Rare Earth elements prior to the 4th of July this year. There is significant importance to this for it will totally decrease our dependence on China for these metals.

People say this is impossible but give me a break.  If LENC can demonstrate and produce pounds of precious metals by default Rare Earth elements is a cake walk.

Dr. Champion

January 12, 2011

Keeping the Genie in the bottle

The key directors of LENC are working hard to protect this technology for the USA but interest is growing around the world. Interest was just received from South America who want to build a multimillion ounce production per month of silver, palladium gold and platinum using the LENC advanced technology.  They requested and were refused the license for producing Rare Earth elements in South America.  I am holding this license for the USA and USA companies requiring rare earths in their production stream.  Everyday things become more exciting.  It wasn’t that long ago I was talking about production of gold in the mere ounces.  Now we are producing and infiltrating the financial market with kilograms.  The precious metals we produce are identical to those found in our planet.  LENC production of precious metals meets all scientific standards including mass. density and electron configuration.  If you are technically astute you will know how we can tell the difference on all multi isotope elements. Hence you can see a signature change on everything except Au.

January 11, 2011

Paper Trail finally meets

This is of interest to many for I have made many claims to my country and most have considered them hyperbolic poppycock!

Let   me give a small report from the paper trail collected by Mr. David Schutzman from Phoenix AZ who started with LENC  a few days before Christmas only weeks ago.

Be it intuitive or just a desire to make a tremendous amount of money.  Mr. Schutzman showed up in Southern Utah and wanted to be a part of LENC.  He appears to be an intelligent young man.  Prior to him going out on the limb with this wild story he took his own physical samples of the various production streams with the help of my libratory assistant.

Mr. Schutzman did his own controlled research and sent the samples to various independent without telling me the names and location of the facilities.

Now I have results from various laboratories.  This is the most comprehensive paper trail on record since the formation of LENC.  Since Mr. Schutzman just sent the samples to the facilities he did not tell them there origin. This was a true blind test!

Yesterday I called Jet Silver in Las Vegas and alerted them that they were one of the confirmation facilities of LENC.

Allow me to back up for a moment.  This is a commercial low energy nuclear change process.  The starting material was copper in the form of buss bars.  The first 100 pounds of copper produced through the first phase reactor had a certification of 993 pure copper.  I am not going to release the laboratory paper trail publically but I will simply paraphrase.  Results are available to United States DOE.

From the starting copper Low Energy Nuclear Change LLC produced in excess of 80% silver and commercial quantities of palladium, platinum and gold.  This was not orchestrated and selected prior to samples going to testing.  The tests were accomplished by XRF and AAS.  This is of superior importance.  The results of both testing procedure came back equal.  Because of the procedures this means that both the new atomic nuclease and electron shell are formed identical with the metals found on our planet.

Fundamentally LENC has replicated the formation of elements similar to the way they were produced on our planet originally.

I am expecting visitors later today.

A picture sequence

Start with an electrical copper buss bar not shown then we have sequence one and then the final product. Th

January 7.2011

The picture below represents one step closer to producing millions of dollars of gold and platinum from a base metal.  The picture on the left represents 1,340 grams or 43 ounces of precious metals built by Mr. Arnold Peterson and Mr. Jack McDonald’s stage one reactor in the Saint George area. The material was then taken through the second phase and was completed by me, and the final smelt occurred in Rosamond CA.

What this means for LENC is that we can offer guaranteed licenses for nearly any precious metal production. Minimum licenses start at 1,000 ounces per week and go up to 1,000,000 ounces for two weeks. This is for the serious gold, silver and platinum producer only. The cost of production under this program is less that $1.00 per ounce. Licenses are available for gold, platinum, silver or the combination of all three at one time. Other licenses are available for the following: palladium, rhodium, osmium iridium and ruthenium.  Production licenses of these elements can occur at any level starting at one million ounces per month.

Dr. Champion

First official working day in 2011  – 1.3.2011

It is officially time to enter the Star Trek generation.  Many knew it would arrive someday, but it took baby steps like watching sand pass through an hourglass.

LENC has been known as the first company to produce precious metals from lesser metals. This is now a commercial reality, and I am not talking about ounces of gold and platinum (PGM). I am announcing kilograms per week.

LENC is allowing a financial organization in Los Angeles CA to be the first producer of precious metals to be sold in strictly for financial gains.

Stringent testing has proven that the LENC precious metals are chemically and physically identical to the precious metals mined from our planet.  Actually, I worried about this during this past year, because there was always a doubt that lab grown gold would not have the exact same signature as mined gold.  This is no longer a concern.  LENC gold is gold and can be used anywhere.

Now sit back and get ready for the next earth-shaking event to come from LENC!  We are now bored with changing base metals into precious metals, and the next frontier has already been accomplished in the test tube stage, and we will introduce it commercially this quarter.  Following the traditions of LENC of we will let you know what we are contemplating, but we will not go public until we have a working commercial prototype.  The next generation in LENC will be the macro formation of base and lesser metals.  The practicality of that is that we can form precious metals for dollars per ounce. It is time that we generate base metals for pennies per gram.

I would not mention this if I had not already accomplished it.  This was recorded and observed in 2006, prior to my attack.  The reason I did not mention it sooner is there is more excitement in formation of gold and platinum than the LENC production of nickel and copper.

First report 2011

2011 will be noted for the 21st Century.  My research is not only spanning decades but also Centuries.  At the end of the 20th Century my first book was published and now my initial research has hit one of the highest levels  that can be given to technology.  I earned this honor myself by believing in the original observation and following it through to fruition. Allow me to explain.  What I have accomplished is the dream of most researchers.

During this last year I stepped beyond the simple test tube and went into macro production of precious metals.

I am not going to show the supporting data for general review by the visitors to this site.  II have all of the supporting data available for private and government personnel.

I have been deluded by many people recently asking why I want to give the USA the benefit of my discoveries.  Please allow me to explain.

I am not politically motivated but the truth is my discovery if properly managed by our government will allow for many to receive rewards for my discovery.  Let me just give you an overview of exactly what I discovered and the potential impact to the USA. /

I have developed a commercial Low Energy nuclear reaction.  Initially I was planning to produce silver and gold from copper.  However when working with our larger reactors I received a pleasant surprise.  Everything was mathematically programmed from the start but the ending results overwhelmed me.

At this time Low Energy Nuclear Change is able to convert 94% of copper to silver, gold, platinum and palladium.  Now most would say this is impossible but this is the reality today.  We have accomplished this on 100 pound batches of copper.  The ending results was 1,300 ounces of precious metals.

This process will be automated the first quarter of this  year wherein the United States of America will be the largest worldwide producer  of all precious metals.

Many people have wondered about the authenticity of my claims and if this material is stable. The metal produced by LENC has been analyzed by people throughout the USA by techniques utilized by professional metallurgist.  For the technical people interested testing procedures include Fire assay, XRF (x-ray florescence) , Emission  Spectroscopy  (AAS).

Bottom-line is simple the precious metals produced by LENC hold the same physical and financial properties as presently mined from our planet.

Before the 4th of July this year LENC will no longer be using copper to produce precious metals and we will have production lines of other need metals that our limited on this planet.

Please take a minute and review my Christmas Gift below to the USA!

What to expect from LENC in 2011

2010 ended a scientific historical decade for LENC. Starting in 2000, the calculation of phonon resonance was applied to 218 stable isotopes known on this planet.  This brought forth a new set of building blocks that allows for the low energy nuclear macro-construction of most of the usable stable metals required for human existence today. Significant gains in science were made this last year by LENC with the commercial production of gold, platinum, palladium and silver from inexpensive base metals.

2011 will start off with a bang.  Research is complete on all precious metals.  LENC will focus on the commercial production of rare earth metals in the USA, thus limiting our demand from China.  The first delivery of rare earth metals from LENC is slated to be prior to April 2011.  Large scale commercial production will be available during summer 2011.

LENC has committed itself to assist the USA in its financial recovery and deficit reduction by providing a technological service that will make the USA the largest producer of gold and platinum in the world.  This is not a dream, for this technology was completed during the last 18 months.

Dr. Joe Champion (Hon)

Low Energy Nuclear Change LLC

My Christmas Gift to myself and the USA!

Christmas Day 2010

Merry Christmas to the United States of America

This is probably the first time someone has ever given a gift to the entire USA and all of the people that make up this wonderful country that we live in.

Even though I am presenting this to the USA, it is something that President Obama can use this year.  With this gift, our government can reduce, in very short order, all of our debts and help resolve every internal financial problem facing our great nation.

This is not a gift to our politicians, but they will have to manage and use it correctly.

I have had several opportunities to make personal financial gains and allow others to gain from my research, but this gift does not just belong in the hands of a few wealthy people; it belongs to the country that allowed me to develop it.

Never before in history has a single science revolutionized the entire world.  The leaders of our country can now choose to use gold or platinum as our standard.

Mr. President, it does not end here, for I can instruct your national laboratories how to synthesize the badly needed rare earth elements that are being controlled by China at this time.

Many have dreamed of such possibilities, but today it is a REALITY.

Dr. Joe Champion

Prior to the above letter the following communication was sent to the DOE in Washington DC on December 21, 2010.

In 1987, I witnessed a phenomenon and devoted my life to refining the process. Low Energy Nuclear Change (LENC) is the term used for the occurrence of this phenomenon.
In LENC, copper is subjected to a phonon resonance technology developed by me in 2001. The importance of any technology or discovery is repeatability and scalability. I have achieved both in this process, and have successfully converted copper to gold and platinum. The original theory was the single conversion of copper to gold. The formation of platinum was not predicted but was an unexpected occurrence. 100 pounds of copper was placed in a single phonon resonance device and produced 800 troy ounces of gold and platinum. Several ounces of gold and platinum have been refined and tested by independent facilities. This is the world’s largest demonstration of a low energy nuclear event. This was accomplished using standard household electrical power within 30 days.I have produced over two kilos of platinum and gold in less than a week from my simple reaction. This material has been tested by third party laboratories.
I am not a physicist, and therefore cannot fully explain this phenomenon, but I can report the results. It is totally repeatable on a macro scale. I have no idea why I have so much platinum. I was predicting gold, but I have an equal amount of gold and platinum.
American Chinese investors from San Francisco are planning on visiting me for the third time prior to the first of the year.
In 1994, Thomas Ward of the DOE visited me in Houston for a few days. At that point in time, I had only been able to achieve results in micro quantities. I have now finally achieved low energy reactions on a macro scale. A most interesting fact is that location of the reaction seems to be important and can be determined by a world wide geographic anomaly map.
For years I have wanted to keep this in the USA and only within the last three months have I witnessed pounds of gold and platinum production in my current area.

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