The Meria Show

The Meria Show.

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  1. Can’t Play Monopoly With a Chess Piece!

    Many people on this planet believe that they can be “love and light” and that will help or insure them do well in this world. Well, I’m here to tell you “if you don’t know the game that’s being played here, you will never win”.

    You cannot play a game of Monopoly with a chess piece. If you want to play in the game you must know what the game is and who the players are. You also need to know how the rules are set up, and who the cheaters are.

    Thanks to Richard Grove of one of my friends and co-hosts this week’s interview was on secret societies and the jackals that run/ruin the world. Richard videotaped the interview while we did it.

    Many people have said Richard is one of the smartest people out there, and I agree. Instead of changing the free show on site, I am airing this week’s show in full audio/video right here.

    Watch it and learn. Learn who, what, where and how we were all taken for a ride. Then use the information to change your thinking about this reality and how you play the game. You are either a player or are getting played. As

    P.T.Barnum once said “there’s a sucker born every minute and two to take him”. Which one will you be? This is just a small sampling of the excellence and information presented and maintained on site. If you value real freedom

    of the media and news – subscribe today. Show your support for truth, real justice and the “American”? way……there is just one truth………

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