Alex Jones Calls Out Obama for Treason

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One Response to Alex Jones Calls Out Obama for Treason

  1. Alex has clearly broken the NWO’s code and methodology wide open.

    You can now see it everywhere you look, there is no mistaking it play for play now, the same with the banksters and now energy sources. When you look at how much effort went into the corrupt planning of claims of Global Warming and justification, to passage of bogus laws, one begins to realize just how SERIOUS AND BIG THE PROBLEM REALLY IS.

    The bastards have schemed behind closed doors for a long time and all the threads are there if and when you look for them. It’s unmistakable now, America is under a very covert and strategic attack and all of our institutions that once served us, have been hijacked covertly to bear down on We The People and cause a catastophic collapse of the United States Of America.

    We must call upon the branches of our military to engage and remove the infiltrators, all of whom can easily be identified for having violated the terms and limits of their sworn office and that have violated the Constitution of the United States Of America.

    With their code of operation broken and revealed, it is easy to identify those that are serving the undisclosed plan, which is aimed at bias global monopolies and funding hijacked through debt to the Federal Reserve, to run these off shore driven operations at the expense of We The People. They are deliberately bankrupting America with a thousand cuts to blead us down to nothing and all of these 1000′s cuts/plans are intentionally misled and obfuscated, but when combined are more powerful that Stuxnet, where the goal is to crash and annihilate the infrastructure of this nation.

    We are under attack!!!

    Make no mistake, this is not a mistake!

    This is not my post, but my sentiments.

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