Hemp Vs. Soy

Hemp Vs. Soy

We may sound biased when we say that the major difference is that hemp is everything soy isn’t, but it is true. Ok, ok, soy does have more overall protein, but hemp has the most digestible protein. Ok, it is true that soy beans expand when you add water to them, allowing for less expensive products, but that just shows how much power is packed into a tiny little hemp seed, it doesn’t need to expand. Soy contains some EFAs nothing to compare to the incredible EFA content of hemp seeds. A major problem with soy are oligosaccharides. What are those you ask? They are a short chain sugar molecule found in soy, and mixed with the proteins in soy, they give you gas, sometimes extreme gas. Hemp boosts immune response, soy makes you fart.

Many of the products currently made with soy can be made with hemp. Hemp seed would make them more nutritious, better tasting and would provide farmers with an excellent crop over the genetically modified nastiness of soy.
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