Tommy Boy’s Tomato Soup Powder

Tommy Boy’s Tomato Soup Powder™

Our 2 pound container of fresh Tomato Soup Powder is processed from the harvest of red naturally grown tomatoes. You just add some of our wonderful tasting tomato powder to hot water for an instant natural cup of soup with no chemicals. You can also add it to your other soups, stews or other dishes. It is a smooth textured tomato powder and just what you need for your health, simple preparation and long storage.

Consumer demand for high quality minimally processed foods has increased remarkably in recent years. Preferences have shifted towards the fresh healthy rich natural flavor and naturally grown ready to eat foods with long shelf life are now available from

Use Tommy Boys Tomato Soup Powder in any dish that calls for tomato paste or sauce. It’s perfect for stews, soups, Italian sauces, casseroles or pasta. Easily create homemade spaghetti sauce or put together a hot steaming soup.
Tomato powder has a flavor so rich you won’t believe it until you taste it. Our growers use the sweetest red tomatoes of the crop and turn them into a fine powder for your use.

Once you try our tomato powder you will be surprised at how many other uses you will find for this incredible food product. If you make your own pasta our tomato powder adds a lovely flavor as well as color. This is very useful in the off-season when fresh tomatoes aren’t very flavorful. Sprinkle it on pizza, bread or salads for flavor enhancement. Add it to homemade French, Russian or 1000 Island dressing. The powder also can be used to thicken sauces, stews and gumbos. It is also great with fish !!

Our tomato soup powder is extremely high in Lycopene and is very helpful for the eyes. Lycopene is an antioxidant compound that gives tomatoes and certain other fruits and vegetables their color. It is one of the major carotenoids in the diet of North Americans and Europeans. Carotenoids are pigments that give yellow, red, and orange vegetables and fruits their colors.

Tomato Powder

Mix 1 part powder with 3 parts water for tomato paste. For tomato sauce, mix 1 part tomato powder with 4 parts water. On average 1 Tablespoon per cup of hot water for instant soup or to your desired taste.

• Choose Natural Foods over Preservatives —’s instant tomato powder is made out of 100% fresh tomatoes.
• Enjoy Your Food Storage — dehydrated food provides great quality and taste with very long shelf life.
• Don’t Stress About Restocking — this container stores easily and provides rugged durability with possible unlimited shelf life depending on where it is stored.
• Make Food Storage Fun — this versatile ingredient can be used to enhance flavor in dozens of recipes.
•Protect Your Family and Your Investments with naturally grown food and long shelf life and quality nutrients with no chemicals used.
At we always focus on the quality of our products first, rather than quantity because we want you to get the best value for your money.’s Tomato Powder is the best way to spice up your favorite recipes. Instant tomato powder is extremely flexible and no emergency food storage should be left without it. Since you can often use it as a flavor enhancer and tomato powder can help stretch your food budget during a disaster or when money is tight.

Since tomato powder is dry, it can be used to replace some of the flour in muffin and bread recipes. It can also be spooned into pastas, sprinkled over popcorn and chips, or used to thicken chili and other soups. One reason our tomato powder is so useful is because there is never any artificial flavor, filler, color or preservative used in our foods. It gives you the mouthwatering flavor of tomatoes that are picked fresh from the vine every time you use this product.

Because tomato powder absorbs water very easily the powder is easy to use straight from the container and directly to your meal for an instant dose of flavor and nutrition.

At we take great care to ensure the foods are packaged in optimal conditions with minimal moisture.
One way to use tomato powder is as a base for tomato paste. Tomato powder keeps longer than most tomato paste, and allows people to mix up exactly as much as they need for a fresh, clear flavor. Our tomato powder is used in a variety of sauces and soups, especially in Italian cuisine. Tomato powder can also be used to make just tomato soup with boiling water and desired spices or to fortify broths and pasta sauces if they have a weak tomato flavor and a stronger one is desired. Many dishes can also benefit from a small sprinkle of tomato powder to make their flavors pop a bit more. Especially in the winter when it can be difficult to obtain fresh fruits and vegetables, people may enjoy the incredible flavor of fresh tomatoes when it’s added to various dishes. Our tomato powder can also be used in dips, seasoning mixes, and sauces.

Tomatoes are now eaten freely throughout the world, and their consumption is believed to benefit the heart among other things. They contain lycopene, one of the most powerful natural antioxidants. When tomatoes are cooked it has been found to help prevent prostate cancer. Lycopene has also been shown to improve the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays. Natural genetic variation in tomatoes and their wild relatives has given a genetic treasure trove of genes that produce lycopene, carotene, anthocyanin, and other antioxidants. Though it is botanically a berry, a subset of fruit, the tomato is nutritionally categorized as a vegetable. Since a “vegetable” is not a botanical term, there is no contradiction in a plant part being a fruit botanically while still being considered a vegetable. Tomatoes are used extensively in Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian and Middle Eastern cuisines.




5.50 mg


11.30 g

Niacin Equivalent

– mg


72.20 g

Vitamin B6

– mg


– g

Vitamin B12

0.00 mcg

Other Carbohydrates

– g


– mcg

Dietary Fiber

8.00 g


– mg


2.30 g

Vitamin C

72.00 mg

Saturated Fat

– g

Vitamin D

– mcg

Mono Fat

– g

Vitamin E

– mg

Poly Fat

– g


170.0 mg


0.00 mg


– mg


9.63 g


8.6 mg


4.50 g


174.00 mg

Vitamin A

9900.00 IU


– mg




307.00 mg


1789.00 RE


3135.00 mg


0.95 mg


– mcg


0.38 mg


66.00 mg


5.50 mg


– mg 486

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