See What Ants Do To Aspartame Using Aspartame for Ant & Cockroach Poison

See What Ants Do To Aspartame

Using Aspartame for Ant & Cockroach Poison

by Stephanie Relfe B.Sc. (Sydney)
July 22 2010


I had heard of a woman who made up ant poison from aspartame, and since we in Florida were being invaded by ants, I decided to make up some ant poison of my own. I decided the best way to get them to eat it was by mixing it with raw honey. I mixed roughly 3 or 4 parts raw honey to 1 part aspartame (Nutrasweet from the supermarket) and put it out in a toy baby saucer for them.

Sure enough, pretty soon, the saucer was FULL of dead ants.


Later on, I put a small amount straight onto the floor. But this time, I got quite a shock when later on I glanced at the mixture. The ants had done something VERY strange to it!


You will see in the above picture that the ants COVERED UP the aspartame mixture! Presumably as a warning to other ants – “Stay away from this! It kills you!”

I was amazed that they had managed to find so many bit and pieces of stuff to cover it up with. The floor LOOKED clean. Where did they find that purple, plastic stick? I still can’t work out what that is. You will notice that there are VERY few bodies in the second picture. I guess they got the message. After I saw this, I noticed in the first image that there are also some bits of debris here as well.

The moral of the story: In some respects, ants are smarter than people. People continue to suck down diet drinks (they are addictive). And if you stop and tell them that it’s bad for them, they look at you as though you are crazy. (By the way, did you know that aspartame is fattening, because it makes a person crave carbohydrates?).

I have also used this raw honey & aspartame mixture for killing cockroaches. There are some big ones in Florida! They keep coming in from outside. Normal poison baits don’t make much difference, and we don’t want to spray because we don’t want to harm ourselves. I don’t know how effective it is in actually killing them – although we do get a few bodies after we put it out. But it sure does slow them down. Normal cockroaches are way too fast to me to catch with a wet paper towel (although my husband manages it), but once they’ve had a few days of raw honey & aspartame, they are SO SLOW that I just have to bend down, catch them in the wet paper towel and drop them in the toilet!

Please DO NOT consume ANY artificial sweeteners. Instead use stevia, raw honey or maple syrup.

NOT sugar, fructose, corn syrup or agave (same has high fructose corn syrup).


If you think this is strange behaviour, apparently it’s not. This was posted on the internet:

That’s very interesting. I’ve seen similar things before, as i spent a decade of my childhood into early adulthood studying ants. They don’t just cover up dangerous substances for what they are composed of, but also for cases of physical danger like falling into fluids.

If you put an amount of sugar and water solution into an upturned bottle cap, then place that in the formicarium (ant farm) or whatever the ants are housed in, they will fill the cap with particles to prevent themselves from falling in and drowning. They can still drink the mixture, even when absorbed by the soil, as they are small creatures, able to get their mouthparts into the smallest of pits.



FDA Lists 92 Symptoms from Nutrasweet (Aspartame), (including Death!)

My wife is not sick anymore – She gave up Aspartame

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