What would you do if someone you knew had cancer?

What would you do if someone you knew had cancer? And the doctors are saying they only have a short time left to live, but you know that’s not true if they were given the right care (which can’t be found in the present modern-day hospital)… a loving environment (free from all toxins), proper nutrition from living food sources (raw foods… fruits and vegetables), spiritual support (including prayer), etc.
I will just leave it at that. It had to do with some of the following…
Harry Hoxsey helped cure cancer in 1000’s of patients, yet was shut down by the govt.

Watch this documentary:

“…the laws of natural selection are working against those who take pharmaceuticals.” – http://www.naturalnews.com/News_000526_DNA_sperm_SSRIs.html

Hoxsey – How Healing Becomes A Crime. alt. cancer cure
This documentary concerns Harry M. Hoxsey, the former coal miner whose family’s herbal recipe has brought about claims of a cancer cure. Starting in 1924 with his first clinic, he expanded to 17 states by the mid 1950s, along the way constantly battling organized medicine that labeled him a…

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