Hydrogen Peroxide: Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications +MORE

Hydrogen Peroxide: Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications +MORE

Hydrogen Peroxide: Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications

“Human beings and animals are oxygen and carbon based. We utilize oxygen (O2) for respiration and expel carbon dioxide, CO2. Most of the microbes that cause infections (and are associated with cancerous tumors) don’t like an oxygen rich environment.” – quote from below
Articles on Hydrogen Peroxide
By Ken Adachi ..
September 2006
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Articles on Hydrogen Peroxide
I decided to organize the various articles and notes I’ve posted on hydrogen peroxide into a single location to make it easier to find them. The first article by Walter Grotz, a retired Postmaster and late 20th century promoter of hydrogen peroxide, is as good an introduction as any to the subject of hydrogen peroxide.
Hydrogen peroxide is a simple chemical compound. It’s water with an extra atom of oxygen attached to it, H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide is valuable as an oxidizing agent (like ozone, or bleach for example) because it can release that single oxygen atom in the presence of another reactive substance. This reaction is called oxidation or bleaching. It’s important to remember that the gas we call “oxygen” is really TWO atoms of oxygen, O2, tightly bound together.
Human beings and animals are oxygen and carbon based. We utilize oxygen (O2) for respiration and expel carbon dioxide, CO2. Most of the microbes that cause infections (and are associated with cancerous tumors) don’t like an oxygen rich environment. Some types of bacteria (anaerobic) can’t survive at all if oxygen is present, while other bacteria can tolerate it in low concentrations. That single atom of oxygen, though, is really bad news for microbes because the outer electron shell of an oxygen atom needs two more electrons to feel happy and “complete”. The reason that water is so stable is because the two atoms of hydrogen (in water) provide one electron each to the outer orbit shell of one atom of oxygen, making it (the oxygen atom) chemically stable.
As a teenager, I was encouraged by a doctor to use a mixture of 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide for two or three days to help get rid of a mouth infection. He told me the peroxide would help get rid of the infection, but not to overdue it, just rinse -once a day- for two or three days and that’s it! He led me to believe that it’s a powerful germicidal, but that it was also dangerous, for some unexplained reason, and that you might get too much of it if you overdid it! I held that belief for many years until the mid 1990’s when I started attending health expos here in southern California, I was exposed to new information about hydrogen peroxide that led me to realize that it’s not dangerous, that it can be used full strength as a mouthwash, and that it can be used quite often, rather than sparingly (now for you nurses and health professionals out there, before you start jumping up and down about using up the body’s store of catalase, please read the articles first and realize that the notion of depleting catalase has been exaggerated in school texts and training manuals).
Besides using it topically or as a mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide can be taken into the body as drops, or intravenously, or by injection, or even inhaled! Read Bill Munro’s articles below to see how he used a nasal sprayer, obtained from the drug store, to create a fine mist of hydrogen peroxide and inhaled the mist You’ll discover why when you read his articles.
It’s a good idea to get a few books on hydrogen peroxide. I like the one by Dr. William Campbell Douglass called “Hydrogen Peroxide, Medical Miracle” You can find it at amazon.com
I’ve been asked by many people where to get food grade hydrogen peroxide. There are many outlets over the Internet, but I’ve been perfectly satisfied with the Guardian of Eden web site. They are located in Texas. I have no connection with them except as a customer. Don’t attempt to use 35% Hydrogen Peroxide until you’ve carefully studied its usage and properties. The book by Dr Douglass is a good tutorial.
Update Sep 25, 2008 ~ Special note for brain-cell-challenged individuals: 35% hydrogen peroxide is a powerful OXIDIZING agent. At 35% and higher concentrations, peroxide will OXIDIZE skin tissue immediately on contact, and you will therefore sense this as a BURNING sensation. Do NOT allow your skin to come in contact with 35% hydrogen peroxide. Wear RUBBER GLOVES when handling 35% hydrogen peroxide. The only time I handle a bottle of 35% hydrogen peroxide is when I’m in the process of diluting it down to 3.5% peroxide and I ALWAYS wear rubber gloves while handling the bottle and associated equipment. This caution is ONLY applicable to 35% peroxide, and NOT drug store grade peroxide which is always 3.5% (three (point) 5 percent)
Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide from Guardian of Eden

The link below provides a 2002 list of American and international physicians from the International Oxidative Medicine Association (IOMA) who offer intravenous hydrogen peroxide infusions, bioluminescence therapy, and other therapeutic oxidative modalities. .
Articles on Hydrogen Peroxide (& Other Oxidative Therapies)
Hydrogen Peroxide by Walter Grotz
The Many Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide by Dr. David G. Williams
Alternatives in Cancer Therapy – Hydrogen Peroxide
Hydrogen Peroxide v. Prostate Cancer by Bill Munro (Oct. 14, 2005)
Hydrogen Peroxide Nasal Sprayer & Garden Applications by Bill Munro (Feb. 7, 2005)
The Therapeutical Applications of Hydrozone and Glycozone by Charles Marchand (1904)
Vinegar and Hydrogen Peroxide as Disinfectants
Letters from Readers
Lung Cancer & Hydrogen Peroxide (Nov. 4, 2010)
Collodial Silver and Nebulizer (Aug. 18, 2009)
Hydrogen Peroxide and COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) July 12, 2009
Hydrogen Peroxide and Room Temperature IQ, A Deadly Mix (Sep. 25, 2008)
Taking Drops of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide & Water (Sep 20, 2008)
Chlorine Dioxide (MMS), A Powerful and Inexpensive Germ Killer (June 26, 2008)
Gains Benefits from Taking Hydrogen Peroxide Drops Daily (Sep. 23, 2007)
Relief from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease & Emphysema Using Hydrogen Peroxide (April 19, 2007)
Hydrogen Peroxide Handles Stomach Bug & Ideas for Germ Fighters (Feb. 12, 2007)

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